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As at 9 October 2018

Analysis Of Shareholdings

Paid-Up Share Capital : RM85,162,500/-
Total Number Issued Shares : 85,162,500 Ordinary Shares
Voting rights : 1 vote per share

#   After deducting 1,279,700 treasury shares retained by the Company as per Record of Depositors.

List Of Thirty (30) Largest Shareholders

Substantial Shareholders As Per The Register Of Substantial Shareholders

*a   16,925,000 ordinary shares are held by Cartaban Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd., Exempt An For LGT Bank AG (Local).

*b   Indirect interest by virtue of his interest in Blue Velvet Property Corp.

Shareholdings of Directors/Chief Executive Who is Not a Director's Shareholdings

*a   Puan Sri Lee Chou Sarn is the spouse of Tan Sri Dr. Chen Lip Keong. Mr Chen Yiy Fon is the son of Tan Sri Dr. Chen Lip Keong and Puan Sri Lee Chou Sarn.

*b   Deemed interest by virtue of Section 59(11)(c) of the Companies Act 2016 held by the spouse.

*c   Resigned as Acting Chief Executive Officer of FACB Industries Incorporated Berhad on 31 December 2017.